"The talented technicians quickly identified the causes of our IT issues and came up with a workable and affordable solution. Gabits saves us thousands of dollars a year from what we were spending with our previous IT company, while providing us with more services and technology upgrades. We can actually get new computers and software, while spending substantially less than we were without the upgrades."

Jackson School District

Featured News

Backdoor-carrying Emails Set Sights on Russian-speaking Businesses

A malicious email campaign against Russian-speaking enterprises is employing a combination of exploits and Windows components to deliver a new backdoor that allows attackers to take over the affected system.

Cerber Ransomware Evolves Again, Now Steals From Bitcoin Wallets

Cerber ransomware has acquired the reputation of being one of the most rapidly evolving ransomware families to date.

How HTML Attachments and Phishing Are Used In BEC Attacks

Traditionally, BEC attacks have used keyloggers to steal saved account information from target machines. However, using an executable file for the attachment usually flags a user not to click them as there is a high chance that the file is malicious.

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